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China Mobile: speeds up 4G global roaming development, targeting 50 million 4G customers this year
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During Mobile Asia Expo 2014, China Mobile introduced its development status since obtaining TD-LTE license half a year ago. China Mobile President, Li Yue, said up to the present, China Mobile has deployed 320,000 TD-LTE base stations in about 300 cities and expects to sold out more than 100 million 4G devices by the end of 2014. He said, “As for global roaming service, China Mobile has successfully cooperated with 8 operators on 4G international roaming, 13 operators are still under negotiation”.

Li Yue also said, China Mobile 4G customers have exceeded 6.5 million, taking up less than 1% among all customers, and the operator plans to subscribe 50 million 4G customers this year. However, ARPU of China Mobile 4G subscribers takes more than three times than 2G/3G subscribers, while DOU 10 times than 2G/3G subscribers. On 4G network construction, China Mobile takes great efforts on developing LTE-A, promoting VoLTE and the integrative development of TD-LTE and FDD-LTE.

Besides the sales targets of 100 million 4G devices in this year, China Mobile will release more than 300 TD-LTE devices, the majority of which support 5 network modes, multifrequency(10 frequency/12 frequency). Li said, “5 network modes TD-LTE devices below 150 dollars have appeared at the end of last year. The price is probably to be slashed to 100 dollars below at the end of this year”.

Furthermore, China Mobile completed VoLTE lab test in the first quarter of this year and began to conduct field test in Q2. In the term of integrative communication, lab test is conducted in Q2, field test in Q3.

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