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4G subscribers of China Mobile have exceeded 140 million
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China Mobile has released the operational data of March 2015 recently. According to the announcement, China Mobile has increased 19.696 million 4G subscribers in March, which accumulatively exceeded 143 million in total. In addition, the net increase of mobile subscribers was 4.602 million for the operator in March, which accumulatively reached 815 million in total; the 3G subscribers decreased to 235 million with a 7.394 million deduction in March.

The operational data of China Unicom in March 2015 showed that its mobile subscribers decreased 1.609 million to 295 million in March, of which the mobile broadband users have accumulatively reached 151 million, with a net increase of 814,000 in March. According to the statistics method of China Unicom, the mobile broadband users include both 3G and 4G LTE subscribers.

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