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Kingtone KT DR600 KT-DR600 Digital Radio Repeater VHF UHF

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• mode:KT-DR600
• Product Category:Tetra 400Mhz Repeater
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The DR600 is a new digital repeater with a 1U design that supports digital, analog, and dynamic mixing modes. The mixed-mode has digital and analog adaptive functions and can automatically identify digital and analog signals. In addition, it supports IP interconnection networking, enabling voice and data communication in a large area and range. It also can form a series of digital communication system solutions with Kingtone digital intercom and vehicle radio. 


Features & Functions:

1. Analog-digital compatibility, intelligent switching

Kingtone KT-DR600 supports digital, analog, and dynamic mixing modes. The mixed-mode has digital and analog adaptive functions and can automatically identify digital and analog signals.

2. Advanced TDMA Technology

Based on the leading TDMA technology, doubled frequency spectrum utilization, and user capacity, digital mode double time slot voice transfer can provide two-channel calls, reduce hardware costs.

3. Multi-channels

Kingtone KT-DR600 supports 64 channels.

4. IP interconnection mode(optional)

The repeater supports IP interconnection in digital and analog modes. IP interconnection means that repeaters in different regions and different frequency bands can be connected through IP networks. Moreover, according to THE TCP/IP transmission protocol, voice, data, and control packet exchange among repeaters in the same network can be realized. Repeaters are connected through the Internet to form a wider communication network, which further extends the communication coverage of terminals and allows the data and voice communication of terminals in a wide range of scattered areas.

5. Attachment extension function

It has a 26-PIN secondary development interface, supports RJ45 Ethernet secondary development interface, and supports the third party to implement its own dispatching system through AIS(SIP) protocol.

6. Supports Voice and Data transmission service

With a single call, group call, full call, short message, call prompt, remote dizzy, wake up, remote turn off, emergency alarm, emergency call, access restriction, color code access restriction, and other voice and data service transmission functions.

7. Roam function

Support roaming function, roaming two-way radio will lock in the repeater under normal circumstances. Once the received repeater channel signal is lower than setting values, the terminal will automatically search for a stronger signal in the repeater signal and automatically judge the signal, switch and lock.

8. Remote control (optional)

Support remote (IP port connect to the Internet) monitoring, diagnosis, and control of the status of the repeater, so that system communication and maintenance efficiency is improved.

9. heat dispersion

The design of a temperature-controlled cooling fan ensures that the device can run stably at 100% full power for a long time.

10. Telephone Interconnection

The repeater can connect to the local PSTN gateway device and then connect to the telephone system to realize the terminal's call under the transfer network. It can also use the REMOTE PSTN gateway device to communicate with the terminal through IP interconnection.

11. Supports perfect switching between DC and AC power supplies

Supports smooth switching between DC and AC power supplies without power-off or restart, ensuring the normal transfer operation.

12. Programmable password protection

Supports programming password protection for the repeater to prevent unauthorized users from modifying parameter information.

13. Network Upgrade

By connecting the repeater and computer through the network, the network upgrades of the repeater can be realized, or the application parameters such as frequency and function can be set, which is easy to maintain.

14. Support PSTN Function(optional)

To meet with analog and digital telephone interconnection, using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) analog telephone device and ordinary old telephone service (POTS), two-way radio users connected to PABX or PSTN, to realize the intercom users and telephone users communication.

15. Dispatching function (optional)

With Kingtone handheld terminal products, it can realize the dispatching function with handheld terminals, such as background recording, track playback, record query, voice scheduling, short message scheduling, remote control, etc.



Technology Specification


Frequency Range

UHF: 400-470MHz; 350-400MHz

VHF: 136-174MHz



Channel Spacing


Working Mode

digital, analog, and dynamic mixing modes




44*482.6*450mm/ 1U height

Power supply mode

Build-in power supply

Working temperature


Working Voltage

DC 13.8V ±20% Option;

AC 100-250V 50-60Hz

Storage Temperature


Static class

IEC 61000-4-2(Level 4)




Frequency Stability


Analog Sensitivity

≤0.2uv(12dB SINAD)

Digital Sensitivity


Inter modulation



Adjacent Channel Selectivity


Channel Inhibition


Spurious Response Rejection


Conduction and Radiation



TIA603; 90dB ETSI:84dB

Rated audio distortion


audio frequency response



Frequency stability


Output Power


FM Modulation Mode




4FSK digital Modulation Mode

Data: 7K60F1D&7K60FXD


Voice&data: 7K60FXW

Conduction and Radiation



Modulation Limitation




FM Noise


Adjacent Channel Output Power



Audio frequency Response


Rated audio distortion


Vocoder Type








Standard Accessories

AC Power Cord


250V/10A, GB

Optional accessories

DC Power Cord



Programming cable




RF cable






Repeater RF connector


Outside Connectors


BNC Female

Butted line

BNC Male



Butted line


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    *Product Category : 2W PCS 1900 MHz 2g 3g band selective cell signal repeater

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