Kingtone successful development of Microwave Digital BTS Extension System(MDBES)
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Microwave Digital BTS Extension System(MDBES) can be pulled away for digital communication networks to provide high-capacity transmission, flexibility, features and convenience. MDBES can be used for digital repeater proximal and distal, distributed base station BBU-RRU transmission. The products are based on state-of-the-art, modular software-defined radio technology platform offers great flexibility for the customer's existing and future mobile network applications.

Series device can support a wide range of interface types and configuration. The equipment to support CPRI / IR / Obasi interface can be used for GSM / DCS / CDMA / WCDMA / LTE multi-mode network. Service provider or organization by virtue of the characteristics of the optimal network configuration in order to achieve the system gain.

The product line consists of an indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU). IDU is designed to band general-purpose equipment, ODU capacity designed for general-purpose equipment. ODU offers a variety of options to suit and immediately worldwide management system requirements and the effectiveness of the band. Correspondingly ODU outdoor installation, IDU supports 6.5-23GHz band of ODU.

The height of the indoor unit (IDU) 1U, 1/2/4 direction pulled away, or 1-2 direction of HSB / FD / SD protection.

The product line also includes the optional outdoor cabinets can be used in harsh environments around the clock. With the service provider or organization remote repeater or RRU, more flexible, convenient for network configuration.

Main features:

l positioned in the wireless access market, working in the microwave spectrum;

l digital radio base station zooms digital baseband base station zooms;

l is based on the CPRI standard interfaces and support 1.2288 and 2.4576G interface rate;

l Small size, simple installation, low environmental requirements, conducive to the siting and implementation of the project;

l band rich, 6.5G/7G/8G/11G/13G/15G/18G/23G;

large l system capacity;

l Support 1 +1 / 2 +2 backup, HSB / SD / FD;

l Support local / remote upgrade.

Equipment integration operations, management, maintenance and function (OAM & P), has for the first time on-site installation debugging simple design features. The overall structure of the system including a proximal end to the distal end of the indoor unit (IDU), one with an antenna connected to the proximal end of an outdoor unit (ODU), a distal end of an indoor unit (IDU) connected to an antenna outdoor unit (ODU), and a connection indoor and outdoor unit IF cable.