How KingTone ERRCS system helps firefighters protect the city
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Fire is closely related to our life, fire brings us light and warmth, but “while water can carry a boat, it can also overturn it.”, an uncontrolled fire will bring us a loss of lives and property. Fire, especially fires that occur in intelligent super-high buildings, has become one of the most common threats to public security. When a fire breaks out, the effective way to rescue is not only required well-trained firefighters but also needs a unified dispatch center to help firefighters control the fire quickly and effectively.

It’s important first to acknowledge the severe conditions under which you will be transmitting information over equipment. Communications on the fire ground are fast-paced and noisy. And the environment is smoky and restricts visibility. So new requirements are requested to ensure timely and reliable emergency communication.

The Four significant challenges to emergency response communication during super-high buildings fire rescue

The intelligent building community usually refers to a building area of over 10 thousand square meters, include commercial, office, hotel, residential, exhibition, entertainment, and other forms of a hybrid commercial building. The main building structure and underground space design diversity, complex and long-distance between various regions. Those reasons are adding to the wireless radio frequency signal transmission in a closed, complex building.