How to improve the strength of mobile phone signal
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How to improve the strength of mobile phone signal? Kingtone service providers, here would like to give some advice.

First of all, the phone signal is almost no more than two factors,

One is the phone signal to receive the hardware failure or mobile phone SIM card damage phenomenon, resulting in poor phone signal.

The second is your own call environment is relatively poor, if your area, communication base stations can not cover or lack of signal repeater support.

Will not be able to keep the phone perfect call and mobile Internet experience. Even the signal is not displayed in the service area.

Well, guys, the question came, how to improve the strength of mobile phone signals.

1. Ready to repair the business there to test whether the internal hardware hardware failure, the phone's SIM card is damaged.If these are normal,

We should consider the location of your location is relatively weak signal.If this happens, you can consider the installation of auxiliary signal booster, signal repeater

2. Of course, there are many App signal booster, This is obviously not reliable, you can go to see their user's evaluation is simply terrible,

Mobile phone signal is weak, it is necessary to use the machine-type signal enhancement device, this is the real signal to fill the real method.

China kingtone repeater manufacturer, for mobile phone signal repeater and signal booster research and development has been 10 years, if you have any problems, or what

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