Kingtone successful development of the MDAS multi-service distribution system!
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Kingtone has successfully developed MDAS (Mutiservice Distributed Access System Solution), MDAS is a multi-service distribution system that can support a number of operators, multi-system, multi-carrier and integrated WLAN system, to solve business needs of voice and data in one stepcompared with traditional analog distribution system, along with the hybrid network, delay compensation, automatic carrier tracking upstream end noise and low characteristics; MDAS by the access Unit (MAU), expansion unit (MEU) and the remote unit (MRU).
      MDAS digitizing system breakdown CDMA system, GSM / DCS / WCDMA dual standard system, GSM / DCS / TD-SDMA dual mode system, 2G, 3G mobile communications services, integrated WLAN systems to meet user high-rate wireless data transmission needs.