Gsm cdma lte signal repeater on the negative impact of mobile communication network
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Gsm cdma lte repeater can fundamentally solve the problem of mobile signal coverage, in considering the savings project before the budget, weigh the pros and cons, this is the most sensible choice.
Because the installation of signal repeater is not the perfect way to solve the problem, it will also have a negative impact on the mobile communication environment to a certain extent.
Guys, then by the Chinese kingtone service providers, to give you some examples of the impact of the repeater.
(1) self-excited phenomenon
Signal repeater transceiver between the antenna to meet a certain isolation requirements, the general requirements of more than 100db, if not well meet the isolation requirements, then
Repeater will be self-excited and the following situation:
Uplink self-excited performance: signal base station interference level is high, the sensitivity decreased, the duration is long, test mobile phone txpower index abnormal increase, serious
When the base station is blocked.
Downstream mild self-excited performance: RQ often 2 or 3 or more, dropped call rate is high, the field strength is less than -85dbm when it is difficult to ensure normal call, direct coverage area strong field fluctuations
Serious can not interpret BSIC code.
(2) causing interference
Frequency and adjacent frequency interference
G network performance for the call quality is poor, frequent calls, and sometimes can not be correctly decoded; C network performance for the band within the strong signal interference, can not call.
Part of the signal repeater due to the use of broadband amplifiers, all the signals within the band are amplified, easy to form a number of signals between the interactive interference,
If the antenna at the transmitting and receiving station of the signal repeater is not properly directed or the donor base station is not well selected, these disturbances will be severe enough to affect the main signal so that the main signal
Poor disconnection, donor base station cell dropped call rate will be correspondingly rising, mainly for the signal repeater coverage within the mobile phone to receive a strong signal.
But the call noise and intermittent, broken relatively frequent.
Signal noise on the main base station of the signal repeater.
There is no product is perfect, so the user in the use of gsm cdma lte repeater, the first to understand this point.
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