Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of gsm cdma lte Repeater
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Gsm cdma lte repeater in the application process, the signal transmission plays an enhanced role, but also gradually appeared in the nature of the advantages and disadvantages.

Guys, we should pay attention to avoid the application process.

1. First kingtone service providers listed the advantages of signal repeater

  A. With the same signal coverage area, the use and installation of the gsm cdma lte repeater is clearly much lower than the cost of building a signal base station.
  B. And gsm cdma lte repeater due to its ease of installation, the coverage area is more flexible.

  C. At the beginning of the construction site, taking into account the fewer users, the base station needs more expensive, can be part of the gsm cdma lte repeater to replace the base station.

  D. As the installation of the repeater process is relatively simple, do not need civil construction and transmission circuit construction, so the network speed is more rapid.

2. followed by kingtone service providers listed is the lack of signal repeater

  A. gsm cdma lte repeater is no way to increase the system capacity.

  B. After installing the signal repeater, will add to the nearby signal base station more than 3db noise, so that the original base station work environment deterioration, the signal coverage radius dropped.
  C. signal repeater can only sub-no way code points, a signal repeater often multiple base stations or multiple fan-shaped signal to be amplified.

  D. signal repeater network management functions and equipment detection function is far less than the signal base station, so the repeater in the maintenance of the time, the detection process is more cumbersome, and difficult to detect the source of the problem.

3. Finally kingtone service provider analysis

  All in all, the outdoor signal repeater as a mobile signal coverage of the improvement and extension has a very important significance, as long as the planning, construction, maintenance management in place,

  Choose the perfect quality repeater equipment, can fundamentally promote social and economic benefits.