How to use UHF repeater
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How to use UHF repeater, non-telecommunications industry people certainly even UHF repeater is what, are not clear it, it is obviously irrelevant, and now kingtone give you about science.

Repeater Definition: A relay device that enhances a radio broadcast signal. The repeater can amplify the coverage of an existing zone signal and pick up the available signal in a blocked area. By bandpass filter,
To isolate the filtered signal and then to the area to be covered again.

UHF repeater, also known as UHF band relay amplifier, the function for the auxiliary signal amplification, mainly used in the walkie-talkie signal enhancement and solve the radio signal caused by weak calls, delay, noise and other issues.

How to use the UHF repeater, which in turn involves the installation of UHF repeater steps, and then is the use of UHF repeater.

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