The difference between the outdoor signal cellular repeater and the cellular base station
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The difference between the outdoor signal cellular repeater and the cellular base station

① cellular base station interpretation: that is, the public mobile mobile communication base station, is a form of radio station radio station, refers to the limited radio coverage area, through the mobile communication exchange center, and mobile phone terminal transmission of information between the radio transceiver Radio,
The base station is the basic unit of the cellular unit in the mobile communication, and completes the communication and management function among the mobile communication users.

② honeycomb signal repeater interpretation: belongs to the same frequency amplification device refers to the wireless communication transmission process to enhance the auxiliary amplification signal of a radio transmission and transmission equipment.The basic function of the cellular signal repeater is the RF signal power booster ,

In the downlink, the signal is picked up by the existing coverage area of ​​the main antenna, and the signal of the band pass is well isolated by the filter. The filtered signal is amplified by the amplifier and then transmitted again to the area to be covered. Link, the mobile phone within the coverage area of ​​the mobile phone signal,With the same way of work by the uplink amplification link processing and transmission to the corresponding base station, so as to achieve the base station and mobile phone signal transmission.

③ base station types: cellular base stations, Acer base stations, tower, these are large.

Cellular signal base stationAdvantages: a base station can cover tens of kilometers of signal area.
 Disadvantages: Of course, the cost of high cost, the construction period is longer

④ Repeater type: from the transmission signal points are GSM repeater, CDMA repeater, WCDMA repeater, TD-SCDMA, LTE repeater and so on.

Cellular signal repeater

Advantages: By setting up the repeater will not only improve the coverage effect, but also can greatly reduce the cost of investment base stations.

Disadvantages: cellular signal repeater can not be used alone, it is only rely on the base station to pick up the available signal, auxiliary amplification signal only,

⑤ honeycomb signal repeater example application

Eliminating the GSM900MHz / 1800MHz band mobile communication network of small-scale signal blind or weak signal area and design and production of communications equipment.Is widely used in underground shopping malls, parking lots, subways, tunnels, high-rise buildings offices, entertainment venues, elevators or private homes and other base station signals can not reach the signal blind spot.
 At the same time for the elimination of the city due to the impact of high-rise buildings caused by outdoor local signal shadows or remote suburbs of individual villages and towns of the weak signal area also has a very good coverage effect.
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